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Vaginal Odor Treatment | pH Balanced Over-the-counter Treatment
"This product is the only vaginal odor treatment that actually works. Other brands disguise the odor temporarily, and often the odor will eventually return. vH essentials has never failed and keeps the odor away. After trying several different products, this is the only one that works." — Anonymous, O'Fallon, MO

Vaginal Odor Treatment | pH Balanced Over-the-counter Treatment

Vaginal Odor Treatment | pH Balanced Over-the-counter Treatment

Eliminates vaginal odor. Maintain a proper pH Balance.

You’re not alone. Vaginal odor is more common that you think and it’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Best of all, it’s completely treatable with fast acting vH essentials® Vaginal Odor Treatment. vH essentials gives you an over-the-counter treatment that tackles the problem at its source. This fast acting formula supports your body’s ability to regain and maintain a proper balance and eliminate odor. Unlike some other treatments our time release, fragrance-free tablets don’t melt or leak.

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  • Directions for use

    For best results, use one vaginal tablet at bedtime for six days in a row.

    Read the full directions before using.


    1. Remove a vaginal tablet from the blister packaging.
    2. Place the vaginal tablet in the wider end of the reusable applicator.
    3. Hold the barrel as shown in the picture. Gently insert the applicator into the vagina as far back as it will go comfortably.
    4. While holding the barrel, push the plunger in as far as it will go. Remove the applicator from the vagina and wash thoroughly with soap and water. Store in carton for future applications.
    5. You may wish to wear a panty liner in case of discharge.

    Instructions for First-time Users
    To ensure tolerability of all ingredients and to avoid any potential unpleasant reaction (for example, itching or burning), insert only a half of the vaginal tablet for the first two applications only. To do this, break the tablet in half at the score, and place the broken edge into the applicator so that the smooth, rounded edge is in contact with your vagina (as pictured below). If you experience no adverse reactions following application of the first two ½-tablets, repeat the next five applications using a whole tablet as instructed in numbers 1–5.


  • Ingredients


    • Lactose monohydrate, Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), Hypromellose, Magnesium stearate, Purified water


    Use only as directed. For vaginal use only. If burning or discomfort occurs upon insertion of vaginal tablet that lasts for more than a few minutes, remove tablet and discontinue use. Discontinue use and consult your physician if odor worsens, you develop itching, burning, abnormal discharge or you suspect you are having an adverse reaction to this product. Ask your doctor before using this product if you are pregnant or breast feeding. Keep out of reach of children. Read complete warnings and all information on the enclosed product brochure.

    Other information

    • Store at room temperature

    Questions or comments?


  • FAQs

    Should I wear a panty liner when using the odor treatment vaginal tablets?

    Some women may notice a discharge while using the vaginal tablets and therefore choose to wear a panty liner. If associated with the product, the discharge will subside within a few days of completing the treatment. If any abnormal discharge continues more than a few days after completing treatment, however, you should consult a doctor.

    Can I use vH essentials Vaginal Odor Treatment during my period?

    For best results, it is recommended that you do not use the vaginal tablets while menstruating.

    What if I get my period in the middle of the six­-day treatment?

    In this situation, it is recommended that you stop treatment when you get your period and then resume treatment near the end of your period when your flow has become very light and has almost stopped.

    Can I have sex while using the vaginal tablets?

    For best results, it is recommended that you do not engage in vaginal sexual activity until the full six-day treatment is complete and your odor symptoms have resolved.

    What should I do if I think I’m having a reaction to the product?

    Stop use and ask a doctor if you experience any discomfort or symptoms that you suspect may be related to the product. Please see the warnings in the Product Information Brochure and on the product package for more detailed information.

    What if I have additional questions?

    Questions of a medical nature should be taken up with your doctor.